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Oversized Vest Top , its history and the myriad vest top style

The vest top is arguably the most useful item in your wardrobe. A true staple, it is seasonless and suitable for all occasions, with even the most simple vest top able to be worn to the slickest event. When you get the style right and invest in high quality, natural materials, the vest top is flattering, Kravitz cool (of the Lenny or Zoe kind), understated and oh so god damn sexy. The history of the white cotton vest A vest, tank or singlet are different names for the sleeveless shirt. Tank tends to be the American version whilst the Brits use Vests and the Australians Singlet.  The name tank top originally came about because it resembled the tank swimming costumes...

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What is a Raglan Sweatshirt?

It feels like every cool sweatshirt is coined a Raglan sweatshirt at the moment, but what does it actually mean? A Raglan sleeve is created from one piece of fabric that runs from the neck of the sweatshirt to the underarm, giving the seam a slanted look. It’s now often used for casual clothes, athletic wear specifically, and means that there are no shoulder seams. The beauty of this is that the same sweatshirt perfectly fits various sizes and it’s a truly comfortable and flattering style for everyone. The Raglan sleeve sweatshirt is a classic piece, a staple for anyone’s wardrobe and for that precise reason it’s part of the BOUJO HAKE collection and will so remain! The history of...

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The Supreme Basic White T-Shirt

For some a basic white T-Shirt is exactly that. Basic. But for those punctilious people  who, like us, have put “basic T-shirt white” in google umpteen times hoping that they’ll find the ultimate one, a basic white cotton T-shirt is a complex matter. History of the plain cotton white T-Shirt First there’s the name. It’s called a “T” Shirt as the shape of the garment is similar to that of the letter T. It was bought to the masses in the mid to late 1800s by an Englishman called William Cotton when weekends and paid holidays were introduced for workers and, instead of their crisp shirts, they needed comfy clothing that signified their break. So the association of wearing a...

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Organic Cotton Underwear: why should we care?

It’s funny how we stop truly hearing words or phrases when they are used over and over again. Organic Cotton is one of them. Sustainable underwear is another. But if we can re-engage our brain, why is it so important for us to offer organic cotton underwear? To whom does it make a difference if we wear organic underwear or not? Organic basics underwear brand BOUJO HAKE prides themselves in having simply the best organic cotton underwear of all underwear brands. This is from the perspective of their minimalistic and understated styles such as the organic high waist briefs, as well as from the stance of the supply chain - they only use GOTS certified organic cotton (as well as...

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The impact of Brexit on small businesses

BOUJO HAKE is ultimately (and presently) lucky with the impact of Brexit. We’re such a small business that we can respond quickly. The bulk of our customers are in the UK and we’ve always focussed on being a “local” business first and foremost. Having said that Europe was a growing market and, strategically, we absolutely aimed to continue this growth especially in Germany and France. Whether this is possible we no longer know. The hardest part of Brexit of us is actually unpicking what it means financially and otherwise so that you can then strategically plan long term. Being able to react and stave off immediate problems is one thing but knowledge is, of course, needed for planning. Knowledge and...

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