Minimal, understated, sustainable underwear and luxury basics. Made in the UK. Certified Organic Cotton.

Organic Cotton Underwear: why should we care?

It’s funny how we stop truly hearing words or phrases when they are used over and over again. Organic Cotton is one of them. Sustainable underwear is another. But if we can re-engage our brain, why is it so important for us to offer organic cotton underwear? To whom does it make a difference if we wear organic underwear or not? Organic basics underwear brand BOUJO HAKE prides themselves in having simply the best organic cotton underwear of all underwear brands. This is from the perspective of their minimalistic and understated styles such as the organic high waist briefs, as well as from the stance of the supply chain - they only use GOTS certified organic cotton (as well as other sustainable materials, such as recycled cashmere) which means that they are aware of all practices and the journey from farm to consumer.

Benefits of Organic Cotton for you

But enough of the sales pitch, what about the benefits of organic cotton for your health? All cotton, as a natural fibre, allows the skin to breathe and it can help absorb moisture. In addition, if you're someone who frequently suffers from cystitis and yeast infections, you simply wouldn't risk anything wearing anything else. But think about it. Why would you allow something that has been grown using pesticides, fertilisers – known carcinogens - close to such an intimate part of your body? Why is it that we are often happy spending so much money on outer garments but are less discerning with our intimates?

Conventional cotton vs Organic Cotton for the environment

And then there is the effects on the environment. Most cotton lasts, can be recycled and is biodegradable. However, what about the impact of conventional cotton on the environment? It is grown using fertilisers and pesticides and can pollute whole eco-systems. This is why it has been dubbed the “world’s dirtiest crop”. Organic cotton – GOTS certified organic cotton – works in harmony with nature with farmers making the most of natural systems and cycles to grow their crops. In general it gives the control back to farmers and not the GM companies (genetically modified) and is far less environmentally destructive than conventional cotton, eliminating harmful synthetic pesticides which often poison waterways and endanger workers. Organic cotton is also thought to use less fresh water and can be processed using a third of the energy as conventional cotton.

Why choose nearly 100% cotton underwear?

Do you ever consider why 100% cotton is the right choice? The super supportive high waist briefs that you’re wearing that strap your tummy in place also has a high percentage of elastane which, each time it's washed, releases micro plastics into the environment. Yes, elastane can help with support but at what cost? (this synthetic fibre is commonly known as spandex or lycra)

It’s a complex story

BOUJO HAKEs goal is to raise awareness of the facts, or what they know to be the facts thus far. It’s not clear cut and it’s certainly a learning process for everyone including them but they make informed choices at the given time that allows them to weigh up the benefits and challenges, in this case, of using organic vs conventional cotton for both the individual and the environment.

Made in the UK

For BOUJO HAKE, in additional to using organic cotton and natural fibres they design and produce in the UK. It is something that they’re very proud of and they aim to continue the relationship for as long as possible. The circumstances surrounding Covid made them realise even more how valuable it is to keep things close. Not only does it mean that their carbon footprint is as low as it could be but they also truly know the people they work with, from the seamstresses to the factory owners and are able to trouble shoot face to face, making sure that everyone along the chain is genuinely happy.


So, you might ask, what is the downside? The main takeaway is that if we care about fair wages, treating all people with respect and valuing their role, then there is a clear financial cost for all of us. If we don’t want to be a part of the dark and destructive side of the fashion industry we all have to be prepared to pay more and, perhaps, earn less. Black Friday Sales are ubiquitous at the moment and whilst it is more than tempting to buy from big brands on this day, if you can afford to, think about supporting small independent and local brands, like BOUJO HAKE, for Christmas who simply can’t afford to lower prices. Buy less but buy thoughtfully – making sure that your purchase had a happy beginning as well as a loving end!