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The impact of Brexit on small businesses

BOUJO HAKE is ultimately (and presently) lucky with the impact of Brexit. We’re such a small business that we can respond quickly. The bulk of our customers are in the UK and we’ve always focussed on being a “local” business first and foremost. Having said that Europe was a growing market and, strategically, we absolutely aimed to continue this growth especially in Germany and France. Whether this is possible we no longer know. The hardest part of Brexit of us is actually unpicking what it means financially and otherwise so that you can then strategically plan long term. Being able to react and stave off immediate problems is one thing but knowledge is, of course, needed for planning. Knowledge and...

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Why we choose to work with natural fibres such as organic cotton

The benefits of cotton for undergarments are generally know - it allows the skin to breathe, absorbs excess moisture and, if you're someone who frequently suffers from cystitis and yeast infections, you simply wouldn't risk anything wearing anything else. However what about the impact on the environment? Do you ever consider that the very supportive crop top that you're wearing has a high percentage of elastic which, each time it's washed, releases micro plastics into the environment? Yes, elastic can help with support but at what cost? Cotton isn't perfect - despite being produced in warm regions, it uses a lot of water to grow the crop. Furthermore, if it's conventional cotton it's grown using fertilisers, pesticides and can pollute whole ecosytems. Organic...

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Responsible underwear

My head is buzzing. We've just come back from a meeting with our wonderful production manager with regards to our new style, the Patty Tank. So she quotes a price for making the vest top and it's significantly above what we expected and, crucially, what we can make work. She explains why - several machines are needed for the various finishes which takes time - and it makes complete sense. So we amend the design and the price comes down accordingly. But here's the thing. We are producing in the UK and we expect to pay more for the production but even then, EVEN when we are paying the seamstresses a "fair" rate, they are barely getting more than the £12/hr they...

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Cool, understated loungewear

It may be just us but we've always struggled with the word "loungewear". Still do. It conjures up images of decidedly uncool, bland styles which are worn indoors. We still don't think loungewear sums up our pieces but, with the laid-back, understated way of dressing being so ubiquitous and loungewear being the phrase that everyone, including us, looks up in order to find these comfy, cool styles we don't think we can reinvent the name. Yet. But, BUT our pieces are different. We feel they are versatile and don't have to be worn solely inside. They are understated, cool and utterly comfortable. Using the finest natural organic cotton, they wear beautifully and become those treasured pieces that you have for years and years to...

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Underwear Made in the UK

Is it important that we design and produce in the UK? For us, right now, it is something that we are very proud of, and aim to continue the relationship for as long as possible. Not only does it mean that our carbon footprint is as low as it could be but also we truly know the people we work with, from the seamstresses to the cutters to the factory managers. We are able to trouble shoot face to face and make sure that everyone along the chain is happy.

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