Minimal, understated, sustainable underwear and luxury basics. Made in the UK. Certified Organic Cotton.


BOUJO HAKE creates underwear and luxury basics, combining a simple aesthetic with a Parisian tomboy cool. The result is understated yet there is an intrinsic sensuality, the pared-back styles putting focus on the wearer not the garment.The fit and feel are of equal importance so detailed workmanship alongside fine fabrics ensure that pieces are as comfortable and supportive as they are beautiful.

Minimal and clean, BOUJO HAKE is contemporary with a strong sense of nostalgia inspired by personal history and past decades. In particular, there is an instinctive affinity to the 90s, a time when there was a shift to a more androgynous way of dressing. This vision, a subtle balance of female and male, underpins all BOUJO HAKE styles.  

We focus on these classic styles because we believe that true sensuality comes from people themselves, and that we are our best selves in simple, beautifully cut pieces made from exceptional materials sourced from places we trust.