Minimal, understated, sustainable underwear and luxury basics. Made in the UK. Certified Organic Cotton.

Organic Cotton Bras and Briefs

We struggle a little. Why do people still spend so much money on designer clothes and handbags - people always talk about investing in a coat - and so little on underwear? Underwear is the most personal garment, the closest to your skin and even if you don't have a special someone why wouldn't you at least be sure that what you put on is kind and safe to you and the environment. The bare minimal surely?

With Organic Cotton you know that no harsh synthetic pesticides and fertilisers have been used which is clearly better for your health for myriad reasons, but also for the environment (growing cotton is one of the world's more polluting crop) AND the people who pick and sew it. Many now suffer from poisoning from pesticides and have horrendous respiratory diseases because of their work. By contrast organic farming is now pretty well regulated which also means fairer working conditions and wages as well as healthier soil and workers. 

But even from an aesthetic and comfort point of view there are benefits: it's softer and, some claim, more durable as the fibres haven't been broken down by pesticides.  

Chose Love; chose Organic Cotton.