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Oversized Triangle Scarf (Camel)

Oversized Triangle Scarf (Camel)

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Oversized triangle scarf made from 100% Camel.

Lightweight, soft and cossetting.

Hand knitted in the UK but our knitted taking roughly 15 hours. Limited edition. 


Camel is truly classic and luxurious. As a colour, it's sophisticated, never failing to elevate an outfit. As a yarn, there are myriad qualities. It's made from the hair of a (real!) camel and the process of extracting the hair is kind. Camel hair has been used since the dawn of day because of its wonderful insulating properties without adding weigh. And is it itchy? Camel hair fibres are actually finer than most merino wool  (we're not talking about the coarse hair on a camel just to be sure!) which results in a softer, more delicate feel. What's also wonderful is that the colour will always vary slightly, adding a unique flavour to each piece.