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Laid-back lingerie and luxury basics

BOUJO HAKE is laid-back in the best possible way - comfortable, cool and everyday without compromising on the quality or style. We create the most beautifully minimal underwear that is so precisely cut that it enhances the natural silhouette of the wearer. It's about putting the focus back on the individual as we believe that people are their best selves in simple underwear made from the finest, natural materials (mainly organic cotton) with the perfect cut. It's subtle, but these are pieces that you will cherish and return to time and time again. The cool classics - those pieces that you continually seek, but struggle to find.

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Luxury underwear

BOUJO HAKE creates comfortable, everyday AND special occasion underwear. Made from the finest natural and organic materials, mostly organic cotton, it feels like a second skin. Minimal and precise, the styles each serve a slightly different purpose: the Ribbed Organic Cotton Crop Tops have a sporty feel and are for the most active days; the ballet inspired Crop Top with spaghetti straps is perfect with camisole tops or dresses, as well as T-shirts; and the Cache Coeur bra is the bra you've sought for the oversized man's shirt, allowing you to wear it buttoned dangerously low. But all can be worn everyday and for special occasions or even for sleeping. If you're someone who seeks true quality, simplicity and understated style...in...

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Sustainable underwear

BOUJO HAKE was created with one aim that couldn't be compromised - we had to be truly sustainable. We were (and still are) too old and jaded to add pain to the already suffering planet. And, crucially, one of us is German. Need I say more. Sustainable underwear for us is not just about the organic, recycled materials being used, but, just as importantly, about creating long-lasting and quality styles. Cool classics that you return to time and time again. It's about a mentality which we felt should be reflected in our marketing - of course we want people to buy from us, but we don't want to encourage excess consumerism which is why, for us, we don't encourage deals such as "five for...

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Kind cashmere

Cashmere is one of the most sought-after fibres. Both lighter and softer than normal wool, cashmere is significantly more insulating. Despite cashmere now being ubiquitous and often affordable, high quality cashmere still comes at a high cost. But, putting aside monetary value, what is the cost for the environment? Animals are shorn in midwinter for the industry when the demand for cashmere is at its highest, which is precisely the time when they need their fur coats. For many animals this causes stress and for the more vulnerable and weaker animals they simply don’t survive. Recycled cashmere is made from post-consumer yarn. This yarn is sorted with great care, shredded and respun so comes at no cost to the animals....

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