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Kind cashmere

Cashmere is one of the most sought-after fibres. Both lighter and softer than normal wool, cashmere is significantly more insulating. Despite cashmere now being ubiquitous and often affordable, high quality cashmere still comes at a high cost. But, putting aside monetary value, what is the cost for the environment?

Animals are shorn in midwinter for the industry when the demand for cashmere is at its highest, which is precisely the time when they need their fur coats. For many animals this causes stress and for the more vulnerable and weaker animals they simply don’t survive.

Recycled cashmere is made from post-consumer yarn. This yarn is sorted with great care, shredded and respun so comes at no cost to the animals. And we can still enjoy wearing a luxurious material that is beautifully light, soft and cossetting.