Sustainability. It’s not a precise science. Many brands are now sustainable - it’s the new norm and should be a prerequisite to trading - but it’s a wide-reaching topic, that means wildly different things for different brands.

For BOUJO HAKE it’s not about absolute solutions which rarely exist but it’s about the conscious and informed choices that we’ve made and will continue to make, scooping up more nuanced knowledge along our journey.

For us it’s about the materials we’ve used, the processes we choose to adopt (or not adopt), the factories we work with – both for producing the materials and making the garments themselves. It’s about the prices we pay, the people we work with and, importantly to us, the openness of mind and integrity that we strive to inject into all aspects of our business.  And humour (even if it’s just us that are amused).

Our materials are natural, specifically organic cotton with minimal elastane, cotton polyamide mesh and 1/1 100% cotton rib. This is for both the environment and the customer. Unlike cheaper synthetic materials, natural materials are biodegradable and when washed do not unleash micro fibres of plastic into the environment. Organic cotton is grown without chemical pesticides or harmful fertilizers which is better for the environment and the people harvesting it. In addition, quality cotton lasts for longer and, of course, natural materials generally are better for your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin or any skin irritations.

We’ve chosen to buy our materials from Switzerland and Germany because of the beautiful qualities but also because of the regulations in place in those specific factories and our carbon footprint as a brand.

It’s the little things that matter too. We love our accessories – fastenings and hooks - and their high quality standard. We think they look beautiful. They are also nickel free and, again, are sourced in Europe to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure that they are not produced far away under unknown conditions.   

Our elastics again are sourced from Europe but we're still waiting to find a sustainable elastic.

Avoiding wastage is constantly on our minds especially when successful brands hit the headlines for literally incinerating millions of their unsold produce in order to retain their exclusivity.  And so one future dream is to partner up with more established brands and make use of their material remnants or find ways of working together…

And finally there is our beautiful minimal packing. The envelopes are made from recycled coffee cups and are blind embossed to avoid using ink. The frosted mail bags are biodegradable, as are the tapes and stickers.